“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.”

– Scott Adams

Trifecta Design was established in 2013 when my desire for “something more” became a reality. At that time I was on my maternity leave from work and had been missing my creative outlets that design had offered me. I had shared my idea of starting my own business with my family and friends and the support I received was overwhelming. It was at that point I realized that owning/operating my own small design business is not only what I loved to do, but what I was meant to do.

You may be asking yourself where the name Trifecta came from. Well, there are a number of reasons, how about I give you three.

I am a Christian, and I believe in the Holy Trinity. My family and I know that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit have blessed us with so many reasons to be thankful, this business is just one of them.

At the time of establishment my family was made up of three individuals my husband James, my new born son and myself. We have since been blessed with 2 more handsome little guys, giving us 3 wonderful boys.

There are three primary colours blue, red, and yellow. It fascinates me to see how three simple colours are the base for an unimaginable amount of more beautiful colours.

Let’s just say the best things in life come in packages of three!

With a diploma in Graphic Design from Mohawk College and seven years working in the printing and publishing field I have gained a wealth of experience. I have a passion for design and as my motto says I love “Making Pretty Things”. I have the ability to take an idea and make it into a reality. One of the best parts of my job is that I have the ability to design for anyone anywhere! We can have consultations over the phone or email, sending proofs along the way until you are 100% happy with your product. We can send you your files and have them printed yourself, we can have your product shipped to your nearest store or potentially shipped right to your door! It is my promise to not settle for anything but the best product that I can create for you.

What this designer is made of…

  • Photoshop 92% 92%
  • Coffee 95% 95%
  • Social Media 33% 33%
  • Black rimmed eyeware 50% 50%
  • Wife, momma and graphic designer 100% 100%
  • Apple 82% 82%


Graphic Designer

Mother by day graphic designer by night. Blessed with three little boys, Kelli enjoys spending her days chasing them around, playing outside and reading stories. When the kids are in bed her creative juices flow.



Social Media Guru

Husband, father, landscaper and social media guru, James is one busy man! He loves spending time with his family, playing baseball, going for walks and just being a little bit crazy.

Miles, Ollie and Luc

Miles, Ollie and Luc

Professional Distractors

These three little trouble makers have the special gift of distraction, but are also their mommies inspiration. They love hanging out with their mommy and daddy. They especially like to get into trouble like leaving LEGO on the floor, leaving the toilet seat up and tracking dirt through the house.


We design pretty things. At Trifecta we strive to bring your vision to reality, for your business, your child’s room or your home. We work with you to customize the piece of art that you will want to show off.